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How Long Will My Shingles Last And Be Contagious To People Who Have Not Had Chicken Pox?

I was recently diagnosed with shingles. It is extremely painful and I can barely function. They started me on Valtrex yesterday. My problem is that I am due with a baby is 2 1/2 WEEKS. The Doctor said that if my Shingles are not gone then my baby will get chicken pox. Does anyone know how long it should take to go away with my Valtrex. I am so worried. Thanks in advance.

How To Extend Roof Shingles Over Edge So That Can Drop Into My Gutters?

My roof shingles are flush with with the eve so that when the water pours off of the roof it misses the gutter. I have been told I need to extend the shingles out so that the water can run from the last shingle to the gutter. How is that done? Please give me simple directions because I am slow. I can probably do it but don’t assume I know anything. I can’t afford to hire a roofer.

What Is The Best Pain Relief For Shingles?

I have shingles to my shoulder, neck and chest. Does anyone have any tips on reducing the pain, i have been perscribed some tablets for the pain and some for the virus itself, but the pain is annoying me now after 1 week. I have used canesten and savlon but both are really for anti-bacterial or anti-fungal use i think.

I Used Paint Thinner To Remove Paint From Ashpalt Shingles. How Do I Remove The Stain It Left Behind?

I spilled oil based paint on my shingles and used paint thinner to remove it and now there is a wet mark where I used the paint thinner. What can I use to remove the paint thinner from the shingles.

How Many Asphalt Shingles Are In A Package?

Asphalt shingles are sold in packages.
How many 3 tab shingles are in a package?
How many laminated strip (architectural) shingles are in a package?

My Wife Suffered An Extreme Case Of Shingles Two Years Ago. Can She Receive The Shingles Vaccination?

Her bout with shingles occured two years ago, but she still has what is called postheretic neuralga. Is there any reason why she can’t be vaccinated against shingles to lower the risk that she’ll experience a full-blown shingles attack again?

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