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Shingles Unwilling to Wait Despite Attempt To Get Vaccinated – The Ledger

< p> The letters released recently, citing the policy from the Watson Clinic regarding shingles shots, reflect my experience. Because of the administrative hassles, alleged prepay requirements and high fees, I did not get the shot at Watson Clinic. < /p> < p> After checking out other options, I requested a prescription for the shot from my primary-care physician and was denied. When this happens, where does a patient turn? There is absolutely no other doctor-patient relationship. < /p> < p> Hoping that the policy would change, I haven’t received the shingles vaccine. < /p> < p> However , the virus had been unwilling to wait. At Urgent Treatment, on Sept. 2, I was identified as having shingles, and given a prescription for antibiotics and pain killers. < /p> < p> The condition continues in spite of me being told it should final about two weeks. I can expect the pain to continue. < /p> < p> Ann Whitehead [“Vaccination Hassle,” letter, Sept. 22] described the situation well when the lady stated that management of the facility is not concerned with my care or expenses regarding shingles vaccination. < /p> < p> MARIE WILLARD< /p> < p> Lakeland< /p>

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