Help for Shingles Sufferers

Should I worry about anything else if I get Shingles??

If you think you might have Shingles, you need to see your doctor.

Yes, there are some potential problems from Shingles infections.

The skin blisters can get infected with a specific bacteria.  The area will become very red, almost “hot” to the touch, and very sensitive.  It is possible to have red “streaks” around the blisters.  Again, if you experience this, contact your doctor.

If you experience Shingles in the ears, or face (forehead and nose), you should be on alert that it can affect your eyes.  Without treatment, it could lead to loss of vision (or hearing, if located on the ear nerves).  Once diagnosed, make sure to tell you doctor if any skin on your face is sensitive or you notice blisters on your neck near your ears.



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