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What Is The Best Pain Relief For Shingles?

I have shingles to my shoulder, neck and chest. Does anyone have any tips on reducing the pain, i have been perscribed some tablets for the pain and some for the virus itself, but the pain is annoying me now after 1 week. I have used canesten and savlon but both are really for anti-bacterial or anti-fungal use i think.

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  1. Having had shingles a few times – Through trial and error, I found the best solution of pain relief for me: was any topical ointment of patch containing ‘capsicum’. These are available over-the-counter, however you might consider asking you health-care professional for a prescription of an anti-viral which will increase the rate at which you recover from an outbreak of shingles. For your infomation – Shingles is simply an outbreak of the ‘Chicken-Pox’ virus, which most of us encounter during childhood. Although we fend off the initial infection – the virus resides in our nerve cells, and in times when our immune system is low or challenged – it may travel down the nerve and cause irritation to the host (whilst attempting to break out and transmit itself via the blisters that are the cause of such pain). Wishing you all the best – Kick **** with your Healthcare provider – Malc.

  2. drinda_h on September 3, 2013 at 2:33 am said:

    you may use “Capsazin” Cream (available over the counter), & you may ask your doctor to prescribe you (Tegretol-Carbamazepin) which will be very helpful. canesten is useless & stupid too. The pain may very well last for several weeks.

  3. You could use moist burn pads which is the same treatment given to burn victims. It can relieve the pain a bit. Hope you get better.

  4. Go back to your GP and ask him for a stronger anti-fungal and anti-bacterial cream to use (they are the right things to use) but canestan isn’t as strong as should be..and as for pain killers, he should have prescribed you something that will take away the pain, what has he prescribed you to take???..

  5. sandra f on September 3, 2013 at 10:44 am said:


  6. mrsgavan on September 3, 2013 at 12:02 pm said:

    Hi there. You should be talking to your doctor about this, because canestan and savlon won’t help at all; as you say, the first is anti-fungal and the second is just for soothing. There’s a new medication out called Lyrica (pregabalin) which is prescribed for a number of conditions including neuropathic pain, and I was prescribed it for a while; unfortunately I had to stop because it made me very sleepy, but I was assured that for those for whom it worked, it worked better than anything else. It may take more than a week to come into effect (that will be true for any pill you’ve been prescribed) but do ask the doctor for something to slather on your skin while the pill takes effect. You have my sympathy. I hope you find something that works for you soon,

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